How to get coins?

Go to homepage, choose your platform, next step is choose amount you want and go to checkout page to finish the deal. Thats is!

Account Details

In order to perform transfer we ask for your account details, webapp email and password and two backup codes.

Where I can find my backup codes?

You can find them login into HERE, getting into Security tab and searching for Backup Codes.

Tracking Code

After payment you get two emails, in one of them you find your Tracking ID. WIth this Tracking ID you can check status of your transfer.

What method we use?

Comfort trade, the customer will give us the data from his FUT 23 account.
The coins are transferred to the customer’s accounts without his participation. This method is as safe as the previous.
The main advantage of this method is that the customer does little to no work. We will do everything.

When will the delivery be made?

When using the comfortable delivery method, your order will be processed within 10 minutes to 2 hours (it depends on the number of coins purchased).